Pole Barn 11-5


Wow could the weather be any more helpful… mid 30’s today and rain to start the day mixed with some wet snow as the day went by… Our ladders are covered in mud… and so were we by the end of the day…

Despite the weather we managed to complete the siding and get most of the batons up…. doing the bottom ones is pretty easy and fast… the upper ones and front ones required a bit more time… angles are PITA… Boxing in the roof beams also probably took 20 minutes each… lots of little peaces and cuts… not fun but I like the look.

We managed to get enough lumber for the siding but are running short on the batons… thats the next hunt… we could use a couple more 1x10s for the soffits… but we may or may not get to them this year…

so other then finishing the batons there is not to much left to do… other then cleanup and getting ready for winter… need to install the plow on the tractor and move things into the barn… lots of work now alot of time left before hunting season start….

My father-in-law also did some trail work on the path between his place and mine… put in a pipe on a intermittent stream and back filled a bit… we will be adding more fill later to allow for vehicle travel…


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