Checking in…

Winter tool shed

We had some business to attend to at the cabin and wanted to check on the how things were holding up for the winter so we made the trip down. So far other then one maple down everything looks good. 

Cabin in the snow


While there I checked and watered my batteries. I had to add about 8 ounces after two months of them float charging. 

Guest Cabin under snow


The guest cabin is holding up nicely and shedding snow well. We will get back to working on it in the spring. This year we are going to be trying our hand at making maple syrup so we will be here more then normal over the next month.

Winter view in the valley


The business we had to do was talking to the neighbor about possibly adding about 45 more acres. This would be huge for me as it would give us control over the rest of the field in front of my place. That land is about 20 acres in maintained fields which we would rent out and the rest in timber. I’ll be praying this works out.

Snow Shed off the barn


The winter has been pretty mild by local standards. We had about a foot and a half of hard pack of snow down with 6 inches of light fluffy surface snow down. We did not require snow shoes to get around. 

I hope to get down a couple more times over the next several weeks… stay tuned 



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