First run of the cinder block arch

Frozen Maple tap
Frozen Maple tap

We had our first run of sap over the last couple of days. The weather turned colder on Saturday but with just two days we collected about 25 gallons of sap which should yield about half a gallon after our final run

So far the new cinder block arch is working well. We made a couple of small changes from the original design. We added a steel plate over the pans. We are hoping this will keep more of the heat in while still allowing steam to escape.

We also found that our door blocked to much air when we covered the hole in the door but if we moved the plate that holds it in place over the fire burned much better.

Over the next couple of weeks we will continue to run sap until the weather warms up or the trees start to leaf out. Our goal for the season is 3-5 gallons which will require 120 – 200 gallons of sap.

While we were out we stopped over to the amish steel shop. After I posted my video about our Amish stainless steel oven I have had several people contact me about where they could buy one. I provided links here for some equivalents, cabin 11-11-2013, but none of those are stainless steel like ours.

Amish oven on wood stove
Amish oven on wood stove

So I inquired about buying some of his to resell. The lead time would be atleast a month. He makes two sizes, a double like ours and a single :

Amish Stainless Oven
width height depth Price
Double 22 17 1/2 13* $200
Single 13 15 13* $110

* the depth I am not sure of. I will measure ours next time I am down

The amish use them with kerosene stoves like the one we used here : Setting up a butterfly kerosene cook stove. I do believe the single will sit right on top and the double will sit on two. We use the oven on our wood stove but any heat source could be used.

The triple kerosene lantern would also be available.

Amish tripple burner lantern
Amish tripple burner lantern

Amish Stainless Triple Kerosene Lantern
width height depth Price
Tripple * * * $65

* I need to get the measurements

I mentioned and demoed it in my off grid lighting video in that same post, cabin 11-11-2013. I have never seen anything like it anywhere else. For us it’s mostly cosmetic but they do work.

So if your interested in these let me know here or in my youtube channel. I’m thinking of ordering 4 of each as I think there is interest in them. If more are required I’ll have to order more and there will be a wait each time. Next time I am down I’ll do a detailed video going over the craftsmanship so people will know what to expect.

We’re looking at other items our local Amish make that are unique to possibly resell. stay tuned and let me know if your interested in the ovens or the lantern.

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