Finishing our first batch of maple syrup

Boiling maple syrup
Boiling maple syrup

We finished up our first batch of syrup this week. I canned one and a half gallons and put about a pint into our open bottle in the refrigerator.

We have about a gallon of syrup that is about 80% finished still at the cabin and this week the trees should still be running so with some luck we will get around 4 gallons.

Last year we finished up just based on temp and the results were good but not as thick as we would have liked. So this year we invested in a Maple Syrup Hydrometer and Hydrometer Test Cup.

I think the results are going to be better as I had to boil off about a quart of water off from what I would have considered finished last year.

This year we also picked up a Maple Syrup Filter Cone which did help at reducing the maple sand in the finished product. Unfortunately I forgot to bring it back from the cabin so I did not get to run it through one last time before canning. On a couple of cans I used a cotton cloth but it clogged to quickly. But on the three jars I did use it on the results we very clear. For the next couple of gallons I won’t forget it.

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