First run of my EmberLit Stove

Over the winter I picked up a Emberlit Wood-burning Stove. I have been looking at them for a couple of years and when it came on sale I jumped on it. I had been waiting for the weather to warm up a bit to give it a test and we finally had a nice weekend.

For those who have not seen this stove its a small wood burning stove that folds up for storage. There are two versions in this size. The one I bought is made of stainless steel. There is also a titanium version for those that want a lighter option.

In the video I use this case, Leathercraft 1100 multi-purpose clip-on zippered poly bag. The stove fits in the medium one and you get a smaller and larger pouch as well.

I also used a Olicamp Space Saver cup to cook on the stove which fits over a Nalgene Tritan wide mouth 1-quart water bottle.

The stove works well and allows you to use a small amount of wood. You feed the stove by either using the front opening or dropping twigs in the top. You do need to monitor it as do to the small size wood burns up quickly. You can use a small alcohol stove instead of wood as another option but I have not tried this yet.

Lastly the stove can be used as a wind screen by not closing the sides together and omitting the bottom.

All in all this is a great little stove that takes up little space in your pack and is well worth looking into. Assembly is quick and easy and you can use fuel that is readily available without having to pack it in.

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