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Wheel Horse 18 Automatic PTO removal and Inspection

This week we found the root cause of our PTO issues. Prior to our purchase of the 18 Auto the pivot pin on the front of the crank bearing broke off. Someone then replaced the pin with a bolt in the end of the PTO engagement lever. This worked by having the PTO pivot off of the PTO bearing carrier. As the parts wore over the years this worked less well. Continue reading »

Wheel Horse 18 Automatic rototilling

Wheel Horse 18 Automatic

Memorial day weekend is a busy weekend for us each year. My daughters march in the parade with the Girl Scouts and I with the fire department. It’s also the weekend of the yearly local Amish benefit auction which they use to pay their medical bills. As such we like to spend some time down at the cabin and attend the festivities. This year I also spent some time and used our Wheel Horse to put in a very small garden. Continue reading »