Went down today to stain the front porch, take down the tarps, deal with some mold and to clean up some trees.

The decking of the front porch is made larch which darkens with time when not protected. We enclosed the porch for the winter in tarps to help. We also had lots of marks that were created during the construction. So we sanded the deck down and stained it. doesn’t look half bad 🙂

We also had some mold on some of the rafter gussets. We applied some bleach mixed mold remover which cleared it right up. There are some other areas that have the same mold, which I am thinking came from the green wood putting alot of humidity in the air, that will need a scrub brush so I will tackle those next week.

We also had a couple of trees that had to be removed. One cluster because it was going to cause shading on my solar panels. We had a couple near by that had winter damage and those were also removed.

Next week we will finish removing mold and start the wiring plus the hundred other things that need doing


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