Stairs stairs stairs… we have stairs… Mose and his son David (not to be mistaken with Mose’s Brother David and his son Mose 🙂 ) came over today and built us a stair case and catwalk (catwalk to pictured)… Grand total for two people working 7 hours and all materials (minus flooring OSB and fasteners which we had) was about $250… The stairs looked so nice… I need to find some other things that need building.

Also today we did more drywall… something I noticed while doing this is due to the shape of the building and the gussets We have seven separate angles to drywall… fun fun fun… If I had to do it again I would have cut the gussets to the roof rafters and saved two angles in the drywall…

Also my charge controller, a Outback mx-80, showed up today along with my 200 amp dc fuse…. hopefully my panels will be here tomorrow.

Stopped my the stainless steel guy and my chimney should be done this weekend. Another Amish shop is doing it. Soup to nuts for less then $400… all custom made.

So far I have not taken any pics of any Amish… but today their horse was tied up and I could not help myself… I am pretty sure they do not mind as they liked my camera when I showed the the pictures on the LCD.


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