We started on the wood shed today… going back tomorrow to finish (or get as far as we can… We would have progressed further but I messed up the wood order and did not have enough floor joists… on the plus side HD messed up and I got a little extra wood…

To start we cleared the area around the shed which ended up turning into a bigger project when one of the larger poplars got hung up and pinched the saw… had to get the other saw to clear things up. In the end that took an hour to drop the two trees involved and we still have to clean the tree tops up. more projects…

lots of people ask for plans for my projects… one of the reasons why this is hard is that most of my projects only really exist in my head… a simple sketch on some scrap paper and a pick list… This one is no different.

When done the wood shed will be 8×12… the enclosed area will be 8×8 and a small 4×8 porch… It’s built on concrete piers which makes it not permanently attached to the ground and thus no permit 🙂 The piers are set in holes filled with crushed stone. The platform, support posts and the beams that support the platform are made out of pressure treated lumber. The deck is going to be build from some recycled lumber from my dad along with the stairs. Everything else is standard dimensional lumber. In the end this should cost about $500ish and will hold about two cords of wood inside and another cord on the porch if we fill that.

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