So we went down again today and accomplished a couple of things.

1) Hooked up the power to the first floor. I ran into a small problem with the inverter. It has two AC out breakers and hookups. The second one was only putting out 90 volts… not sure what the problem was. I ended up wiring both planes of the panel to the one AC output on the inverter that is putting out 120 volts… I will look more into this.
2) Installed 2 2 x 8’s to extend the one bedroom an extra two feet.
3) while picking up the 2 x 8’s we loaded the truck up with sawdust from the mill to put on the road back which is a bit wet… maybe after 50 more loads the road will stay dry
4) Put up more drywall

some notes on the solar performance :

Mac watts 256 / Mac VOC 60.8 / Max Bat 15 – so far we have generated 1 kilowatt that went into the batteries and they are currently full.

On the day when we generated the most power we generated 19 ah / .2 kwh
7.6 Vp / 7.7 Ap / .11Kwp
Max Battery 14.6
Lowest Battery 12.6

We have not used to much power yet so I expect once we do for my numbers to go up when we use more of the battery capacity up.

Also need to build the battery box. (each battery is 10” x 7” x 12” (h) – this is more for me so I remember the dimensions 🙂


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