IM000407.JPGThese pics are from my father-in-law… forgot my camera last week and he went down today and snapped some pics…

The shed just needs the front wall put on still. Even so we have moved much of the building materials in to clear up the cabin.

Once we moved the wood from the second floor we put some carpeting down. The room is rather large but we were able to splice three pieces to cover things. I’m going to pick up some carpet tape and put a small area rug where the three rugs meet (you can see that in the first pic). The catwalk between the two bedrooms will be covered in some snap together wood flooring of some sort.

Looks like from the pics my father-in-law cleaned up the kitchen and put the cabinets in place… not sure if he attached them to the walls or not. The kitchen will also have some sort of snap together flooring… not sure what yet… I’m thinking cork might look pretty good.

We also got a couple of beds in for the kids area… they can be stacked like bunk beds which in the long run is what I might do. I have to pick up some mattresses this week as we are planning on staying at the cabin next week.

The last pic is a hornets nest near the cabin… not sure if we are going to kill em off yet… if they become a problem they are out of here…

I’m going down on Monday to get things ready for the family… more pics to come

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