OK…. I know we have not really had a summer… but when sweat is pouring off you and you are only putting trim on something has to give…

Today was a late start. Things always seem to come up.

To start the day we cut down the three rear “garage” supports to better seal up the structure. We had some pretty good thunderstorms come through and so far so good everything stayed dry…

We also continued to work on the generator shed (red slanted roof on a palette in the pics) until it rained. We are making this out of scrap wood and roofing… It is not even remotely square… but what we lack in craftsmanship and good lumber we will make up on over use of fasteners… The only purpose this servers is to get the generators from being stored in the cabin..

We trimmed out the flooring and taped the rugs along with vacuuming everything. It does seem to be coming together… ever so slowly.

Oh… while picking up some supplies another thing followed us home… a new smaller generator, a Honeywell 2000i… I have been checking the model out for a while and Home Depot had it on sale. This one works differently then our other generators in that it uses a sine wave inverter and has DC output. It should run for 5 hours on 1.5 gallons…

We tested it with a 6 amp jointer, a 13 amp circular saw and a 5.6 amp vacuum cleaner… worked like a champ… Here is a quick video from about five feet away… seems noisier on the video then it was in person. With it running you can talk and listen to the radio without a problem…. something our larger generators can’t do

honeywell 200i

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