another busy week… It seems like we are finally getting things done

1) the 4 x 4 post have been moved into place (first two photos) and I did a little sanding on them as the are going to be left exposed with a island in between them
2) second floor ceiling has been primed showing many areas that need more attention to the drywall… this will be looked at soon
3) dry-walled the bedroom wall and installed electric in it. this was enough to get the second floor electrical hooked up to the main panel. so now the whole cabin’s electrical is setup
4) screwed down a couple of squeaks in the floor along with adding a couple of of scabs in between flooring joists on the second floor in between sub flooring sheets.
5) sanded down some 1 x 6 hemlock (just a little… I wanted to leave the saw marks while removing the ruff sections) and installed them as trim for the closet areas.
6) we put in a order for some larch 4×6’s and some 1 by’s to finish off the second floor

again… busy busy busy…

we still need to get the chimney installed… to much rain… then do the first floor drywall… hopefully soon…


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