Back to work

New Wood Stove

Not only had I been ignoring the blog… but for the last 6 weeks I had not been able to make a trip down to the cabin… Family and life got in the way…

This pass weekend was opening day of deer season… so not going out was not an option. 

Seeing as I had not been to the cabin for a while a lot was done… We removed the boxwood stove and replaced it with a new wood stove we got from one of our cousins… it’s a sealed unit so it should be more efficient.

All first floor walls have the boards up. The front room has been stained. Still need to do the boards on the ceiling but that will have to wait.

From older videos on youtube you can see that we cleaned the site up around the cabin and stacked the extra wood… much nicer looking.

We also added a covered wood storage area. Now we just have to fill it… all in all a huge improvement…

One thought on “Back to work”

  1. Hello beth and chriss I like the things your doing and I have just bought land in upstate ny to do similer things to it like yourselves.. but like most people money is tight so I am looking for ways to do thing for cheap our even free. Do you have power at your cabin and where is your cabin? is it upstate also? also trying to do things to keep the proprty taxes from going up to much. I am from nj. and the land is in fulton county ny. looking foward to hereing from you thanks Dan.

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