Building the cinder block maple syrup arch in the sugar shack

After digging out last week we got to work getting ready for maple syrup season. We dug our way in with a little help and inspected the buildings.

We still had to remove additional snow from my father-in-laws place. This week we tackled the roof. Over the next couple of weeks snow removal will be a big part of our chores.

Snow removal

It seems like this winter goes on and on. In order to tap the trees this year (video will be uploaded later this week) we had to snowshoe around. There’s about 3 feet of hard pack snow currently on the ground. We attempted to pack the trails with the snowshoes and go in without them but that provided challenging at best.

guest cabin

This week they are calling for daytime highs to be in the 40’s and night lows in the 20’s. Perfect weather for sugaring. This will also hopefully put a dent in the snow pack.

Sugar Shack

Next week we should get started on boiling so stay tuned.

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