Building a shipping pallet hunting blind – part 1

This week we started building a shipping pallet hunting blind. Deer season is a couple of months off but we wanted to get this done so the wildlife has a chance to acclimate to it.

The main goal with this project was to have a place we could get out of the rain and weather. In past seasons on rainy days we tended to “porch hunt”. Also as it gets later into the season someplace where we could get away from the snow and wind.

Our secondary goal was that it had to be cheap. The pallets were free and the corner posts were laying around, slowly deteriorating. The roofing is either going to be a brown tarp or some roofing paper we have already. So this should not cost much.

This week the biggest task was cutting the trail in and getting the materials the quarter mile back into the woods.

Once that was done we assembled the walls and the posts. Next week we will finish the roof and get the structure camouflaged with branches to break up its shape.

We are hoping to get a sugar shack built this fall out of pallets as well. That will be a more permeant structure and we will square it up. This, not so much.

As a side note I have started another blog, HotPixl Photography. That blog will be dedicated to my photography hobby. My plan is to create a youtube channel for that as well and migrate my photo and time-lapse content there. When I do I will let you know.

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