Building the sugar shack part 1

This week we started building our budget friendly sugar shack. The main materials are shipping pallets scrounged from around our town.

So far the only thing purchased are the pressure treated 4×4 corner posts. In the end we will also be purchasing Amish 2×6’s for the roof rafters and maybe some steel roofing if we can’t find enough laying around the property. Total budget for the project should be under $100

The shack is going to be 10×10 and only a little over 6 feet tall at the peak. We located it next to the wood pile and our easy to access maple trees…

We will be installing our cinder block arch similar to the one we used last year. When we re-install it I will post a new video going over the project.

I also started selling prints of my photography. If your interested you can find them here :

I have a photoblog with misc photos here :

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