Been a busy summer


Just when you think you can relax everything gets real busy… Cabin work has been slowly progressing but summer family activities have been frequent all summer long and work has been busier then ever. 

We started working on the pole barn expansion. 

Land is cleared

and poles are in place. The have been sitting for a couple of weeks now so this coming week we should be able to get back to it and get the framing done.

We also started back to work some of the cabin projects… biggest one is getting the kitchen countertop in… 

We have the base of the countertop built and the tile in… next I need to get the grout in and the backsplash done. Then the recycled sink goes in and we are really cooking…

The second half of summer does not look like it is slowing down so should be interesting to get everything done this year… Keep checking in and I will be sure to keep you updated…

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