Cabin 11-11-2013

Stars over the valley
Stars over the valley

It’s that time of year again… Snow is just around the corner… they are calling for 4 to 6 inches this week… time to get the firewood stacked where we need it and button things up.

As I did last week I broke out my video by subject… I think it makes things easier to find.

The main cabin project for the week was getting firewood ready and in place. We had to stack it where we needed it, collect and make some kindling and get the stoves ready. Next week we will clean the chimneys.

A couple of weeks ago I got a Granberg Bar-Mount Chain Saw Sharpener, Model# G-106B sharpener. Finally had a minute to try it out. After the first use I am hooked. Way better then my other similar sharpener.

We also picked up the poly chairs for the guest cabin and the tarp for my front porch. We will be installing it next weekend, weather permitting.

We went ahead and sealed the cast iron stove we use on the porch and then added a door gasket to it.

Rutland Inc Gasket Kit Tape 7’x5/8″ 95-6

We used the Amish made stainless oven to bake some Jiffy corn bread. Next week I hope to bake some fresh ground flour into either bread or biscuits.

In the video I mentioned that you can get similar ones online. I found Lehman’s has something similar, but it is not made out of stainless.

I was thinking that if there is any interest I could order some from the local Amish and ship them to people. If you are interested reply to this post on via youtube and I will check on current pricing and lead time… Normally it takes a couple of weeks for the Amish to make them.

We also went ahead and went over our off grid lighting options. The lanterns I covered :

Like the oven above I would not mind being an intermediary if someone is interested in the Amish light.

For emergency reasons spare parts are important. For the Diets extra wicks and globes are all you need (along with kerosene)

It is important that you do not over fill these. I only go about 2/3 full. The vents are not sealed and will leak if filled to that level. 

For the Coleman lanterns 

With any of these proper safety precautions are needed. Keep away from children and do not leave un-monitored. Have functioning smoke and CO detectors along with fire extinguishers.

I also went over our LED and CF 110v lights. I will update this page next week when I write down the model of the LED build we are using.

Lastly I went over our Dietz #2000 Millennium Cooker Lantern. This one is a bit different from our other Dietz lanterns in that it can be converted into a mini stove. It is not the fastest cooker out there, taking 20 minutes for a rolling boil, but it gets the job done.

Dietz #2000 Millennium Cooker Lantern

6 thoughts on “Cabin 11-11-2013”

  1. I am looking for an oven like yours. Have not had any real luck. Could you tell me where I might order one..or of any others you have seen? I burn wood 100% for heat …I use the top of the stove for basic cooking but SO would enjoy an oven!

    Thank you for your time

    1. Lehmans sells a non stainless version… I am planning on stopping by our local Amish to inquire about order several and offering them for sale… Price wise I am thinking the same size I have would run around $200 give or take… they also have a smaller one…

      I have received a couple of emails so far about the stove so I think there might be some interest in them…

    1. I should be heading down one day this weekend… if its saturday I’ll stop in at the Amish steel shop and find out the size… I can measure mine when I go down as well…

      When I do stop in I’ll ask about the double vs single wall… Double would be better… depending on costs…

  2. Cleb, I would really like one of these – the lehmans counterparts don’t have the best reviews. Stainless seems better than chemically painted steel any day. I was wondering if you had secured any others to sell – or if you had contact info for the shop?

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