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I know it’s been a couple of weeks but family events have kept me away from getting anything much done. So what we have done is putting the batons on the porch ceiling get the ceiling framing started. We also framed in the electrical room (not pictured) and planted a couple of extra garden plants I have been growing in pots back home…

Also found the little critter below sunning him (or her) self. brought it home to show the kids and will be releasing it at our reservoir this weekend. The kids named him snappy πŸ™‚

Also say atleast 4 deer roaming through the property (one new born)

I am taking some time off of work soon to get some real work done… I also order my solar panels, charge controller and fuses for my power system. I will hope to install that next week if it arrives on time



This week we got most of the second floor electrical done (rest has to wait until we get some interior walls in), some of the second floor insulation, front porch ceiling, started electrical room (the platform on the side of the building). I also included a pic of my water barrels ( I have 5 so far).



We finished the first floor T&G. I included a panoramic photo of the first floor. We also trimmed out the three new windows, chinked the board and baton board on the North side of the first floor and put some filler in the exterior checks.

Also I found some 55 gallon food grade barrels on Craigslist for $10 each (held welches juice before I got them). So on the way home I picked up 5. I am going to use the for a rain water collection system for water for the cabin



This week we where not able to get as much done do to a death in the family. We went down on Saturday for a huge Amish auction with my Dad, Father-in-law and Brother-in-law. The hold this every year about 3/4 of a mile from our place. Everyone had a great time and next year want to have more family come down for it.

So this week I went down today and finished up three walls of t&g. There are also other chores that needed doing. The lawn was getting knee high. So while I finished up the t&g my Father-In-Law mowed the field.

This week we will need to pick up some more t&g for the rear wall, insulate the loft over the porch and the end walls, run the second floor electric. Might take another week to get all that done πŸ™‚



I did not get pictures last week but here is where we are….

I have stairs… now more stepping on logs to get in and out…. simply amazing.

also accomplished this week : The batons we installed on the upper front where they were missing, Second floor decking is down, one missing floor joist is in, lower pine t&g is in all the way around the first floor, upper t&g is on one wall. We would have finished more but our small generator seems to be having issues….