Closing the cabin down for winter

pole barn
pole barn under snow

 Its that time of year again when we close things down for winter.

I always say its bitter sweet closing things down. Bitter because I know I will not be out much for the next couple of months. Sweet because this allows me to take a break on work on other projects over the winter and spend some additional time with my family. This year was no different.

First I want to apologize for the audio on the video this week. I mentioned last week that I am using a new GoPro Hero 3 camera for some parts of my video. Well I learned this week that with the waterproof case the audio is not very good. I worked with the software a bit but there was only so much I could do. For next year I plan to get some external audio and mics so hopefully that will improve.

But back to closing the cabin down. The procedure is much the same as in past years. Go through the cabin and remove all canned goods, move the freezable cleaning supplies to the trash can (where if they explode the mess will be limited), top off the batteries and disconnect the propane. 

My Father-in-law is having a new furnace installed this week. It was supposed to be installed last week but the installation crew put their truck in the ditch. As he will be out there a couple of more days we filled his wood storage, cleared the driveway and shoveled his roof.

In past years we were very prepared for winters. In the last two years the winters were very mild and we became complacent this year. The tractors weren’t setup with plows or chains. Next year we will not make the same mistake.

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