DIY Arduino powered GoPro Camera Panning Rig

DIY GoPro Arduino Camera Panning Rig
DIY GoPro Arduino Camera Panning Rig

Happy New year everyone. I hope you all had a great Christmas.

As I said in my last video the cabin videos will be light over the winter. I figure I can post some of my winter projects. The first is a Camera panning rig I built for my GoPro and dSLR.

My project was based on this Instructables : Timelapse Panning controller for GoPro Cameras 

I wired the stepper motor driver to the same pins he used, 1,3,2 and 12. I took the 5v and negative to power the driver from the 5v and negative pins on the Arduino.

I modified his code for the larger steps needed for the increased gear ratio in my build, added interval less then 5 minutes and added the ability to set the start and stop by half steps using the up and down buttons.


I am planning on re-writing the code some more to allow going back in the menu’s and perhaps using the AccelStepper Library

Here are a list of Parts and below that is a video showing the use and some assembly instructions.


1 (SG804A) 4 inch Gearbox Arm
3 (535044) .250 inch ID x .500 inch OD Flanged Ball Bearing
1 (634074) 1/4 inch x 2.500 inch D-Shaft
1 (545588) (06.11.03) 1/4 inch Bore Clamping Hub
1 (RHA32-36-84) 84 Tooth, 32 Pitch Hub Gear (3/16 inch Face)
1 (585484) (03.11.03) 90 Degree Channel Bracket A
1 (585400) (09.12.02) Attachment Blocks (12 pack)
1 (585468) (04.11.01) Flat Single Channel Bracket
1 (ABS250-625-725) 6.25 inch x 7.25 inch ABS Sheet (1/4 inch Thick)
4 (534-1857) 6-32x 2.50 inch Aluminum Standoffs (Round)

1 uln2003 5v stepper motor
1 NEW Axial Pinion Gear 32P 12T Steel 5mm Motor Shaft AX30838 NIB

1 1/4 20 x 1″ (cut to required length) stainless flat alan head – I found it in the parts bins
Misc 6-32 flat head screws and bolts (I got 3/8, 5/16 and 1/2 lengths)
JB Weld

1 SainSmart LCD 1602 Keypad Shield
1 Arduino UNO R3


13 thoughts on “DIY Arduino powered GoPro Camera Panning Rig”

  1. Hey Chris, awesome Gopro rig. Wondering if you could offer me some advice on a Gopro pan tilt rig I am trying to build? Ok, on a tripod I want to mount a pan tilt head with a gopro on it. I want the rig to follow somebody with a signal transmitter on them that tracks them 360 degrees. So eliminating the cameraman.
    Can it be done?
    Thx Mark

  2. Hi Chris, fantastic rig, and great video! Im an Arduino newbie, could you possibly explain the pin connections of the stepper motor to the uno. Even just a pin to pin list would be very helpful.

    Best regards,


  3. Great how to. Like another poster, I want to translate your code to a pan and tilt, but add a dolly move into the mix as well.
    Basically that is just having 3 steppers being controlled and setting a start and end point for each.
    My other mod is that I want to control a camera, so adding in settings for how long between shot and how long each shot should be, as well a wait time after each shot.
    It would need to do individual moves, not just a direct drive.
    Any ideas on how difficult it would be to code up something like that?

    1. I use another project for dolly moves, MiniEngine

      really for anything more then doing what it is doing looking at MiniEngine or the Chronos project would be a better solutions as they have already figured out how to do what you are looking for…

  4. Hello – how did you wire the stepper motor driver to the arduino with the LCD shield? Left that part out of video – be great to see that part also!! A diagram or a couple of photo would be handy on seeing how…

  5. hi, I saw your video and I’ve decided to build my own device, can you give me any advice about how to write the program?

    1. I included a link to my code above… you can use that as a starting point if your looking to add additional features

  6. Great GOPRO rig. Want to build one. Parts are on the way. What size did you cut the two black pieces of plastic that holds everything together?? Thanks for the help..Tom

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