Gathering Firewood

This week was more firewood and a little fun… We own part of a county flood control dam. The county maintains the area and last year they cleared a poplar grove that was growing on the dam. The pushed the trees, roots and all, into our woods. This week we started harvesting some of that wood

We used our 98 Yamaha Grizzly 600 and a tow cable and chain to pull the logs from the woods. We cut the trunks from the root ball with my Sachs Dolmar 116si which is running great this season. We bucked with my saw and my father-in-laws Stihl 034av.

I used GoPro panning rig to do the into time-lapse, which covered an hour of time.

After that I had a little fun with a year old Easter Butter Lamb and my Springfield XDm45

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