Husqvarna 2100cd

Husqvarna 2100cd w/ 36 inch bar
Husqvarna 2100cd w/ 36 inch bar

The weather was perfect this weekend and although I was busy Saturday I was able to head down to the cabin on Sunday and work on replenishing our firewood supply. I wanted to try out the Husqvarna 2100cd I got last fall. I am having one issue with the saw.

The saw starts great but I can’t get it to idle. I am thinking the idle jet must be clogged. I am going to order a rebuild kit this week and clean and rebuild the carb. I have never rebuilt a chainsaw carb before so hopefully I don’t make it worse then it is.

I did grab a video of it running to show what it’s doing but by that time I did not have any good wood left… and my setup on top of a old wood pile left lots to be desired but you get the point. After I get it running well I’ll post another video. I’m going to build a sawbuck before then. We have the lumber around so it will cost nothing and will be helpful.

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