Installing the Amish porch tarp and a review of my Michael Morris knives

Cabin under moonlight
Cabin under moonlight

This was a light work week at the cabin. Deer season started which will dominate my time for the next month. We did install most of the porch tarp and I did a review of my Michael Morris Knives.

For the next couple of weeks I would expect lighter than average posting. I am going to try to do a couple of videos at night but after a day in the woods sometime you just need some down time.

The custom Amish tarp was finished last week and we started installing it this week. We ran into one snag though. Either we were off a couple of inches on the side pieces or the craftsman who built it was off. It is what it is and we are going to add some new 4×4 larch posts to the porch to provide a location to attach the side tarps.

The system is nice. First we installed a track at the top that the tarps slide into. Then we installed turnbuckles to the posts for the tarps to attach to. When we want we can roll the tarps up. The door tarp has zippers so we can still use the front door. We use to install a tarp around the whole front of the cabin but this made use of the porch impossible.

Michael Morris Knives
Classic Hunter 8 (top) & File Belter

I also took some time to review my two Michael Morris knives. I have been promising this for about a year. I have two of Michael’s knives. The first I bought a little over a year ago, the Classic 8 Hunter, and used it to gut my deer last year. The second is his File Belter which has become my every day carry (EDC) knife of choice.

You can see his knives on his site here : Michael Morris Knives

There is also a video that I did not do showing him building one… It’s in three parts and worth a watch…

This week I am going to be working on my new Husqvarna 2100 CD chainsaw. I cleaned it already and ordered some missing parts. I’ll get a video of what I am doing to it. I also ordered my chainsaw mill which will be in in about a month.

I also have a Dazey butter churn on its way and I will get a video of my first batch of butter when it arrives. I mostly picked that up for decorative reasons but homemade butter does sound nice.

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