Milling Hard Red Wheat into flour by hand with our Sunshine Nugget grain mill

Sunshine Nugget Grain Mill
Sunshine Nugget Grain Mill

My grain mill came in the mail about a week ago and here is my first go at making flour.

I had to order a new adjustment knob as it was missing. I knew about it when I won the auction.  I was able to order a replacement from Nazko for $12.88 shipped.  My total cost for the mill and the replacement part was right around $60. It came with both the stone burs and the steel ones along with a clamp attachment. 

My first milling attempts was with popcorn making cornmeal. I used the steel burs for this and made some cornbread.

I tried unsuccessfully to find wheat berries locally so I ordered hard red wheat and soft red wheat from Amazon.

Hard Red Wheat Berries
Hard Red Wheat Berries

Milling it was a simple process. Assemble the mill with the stone burs, clamp the mill to a stable surface, add wheat berries to the hopper and start cranking. 

You adjust the coarseness of the output by turned the adjusting knob on the burs. I was planning on making biscuits so I went of a medium / fine flour.

Total time per cup was about 10 minutes. With practice I am thinking I could probably cut that time a little but this is not a fast process. 

Hand ground Hard Red Wheat flour
Hand ground Hard Red Wheat flour

I do plan to motorize this sometime over the winter. A quarter HP motor, pulleys and belt is all that is required. The rotation rate should be around 90 rpm. So I will need to pick the pulley sizes accordingly.

Here are some links (more to come) for this grain mill and others  :

Along with info on milling in general ( because of the similarity of the Nugget mill to the Wonder Junior mill I use resources that mention it at parity )

I will put a post up tonight about making biscuits from the flour.

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