So I am planning on having this cabin be totally off grid. I have a plan (link on the right) and have purchased a Xentrex 1500 watt inverter, a 12 slot Square-D main panel and two 220 AH deep cell batteries run in series. I have wired and tested this… so far so good and more to come

The Solar Power Plan page contains my current system and details about it. I also setup a Solar resources page with info I used in building this system.

It was also recommended that I read the Solar Electric Independent home Book by Fowler Solar Electric inc. The book was a couple of years old but still contained much useful information. That and the manuals for the charge controller and inverter were invaluable.

2 thoughts on “OUR SOLAR POWER SYSTEM”

  1. Thank you for such a detailed presentation about the solar setup. Mine is quite small compared to yours but hopefully functional………..I’ve not yet tried it to see. Have to purchase the batteries first. I was under the impression that the setup I bought from Harbor Freight, cheap as it was, would work fairly well.

    1. ours is still a work in progress… someday I would like to get it to over 1 k watt… maybe add some wind or hydro… don’t really need it but that never stopped me 🙂

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