Tapping Maple Trees & a little snowshoeing

Maple sap bucket
Maple sap bucket

Had a free day and made the best of it. We still had a couple of trees to tap, wanted to try out our new stove and do a little snowshoeing

It seems like this winter is never going to end but I know soon enough it will be over. Hopefully we get a good couple of weeks of transition with freezing nights and above freezing days. Without that all our work getting ready for sugaring will have been for nought.

I already posted a video and post on the Russian stove we tried out. After getting it running but not optimally I did some research and one thought it that the burner might be dirty inside. So next time I am down I’ll take it apart and see if I can get it cleaned. I’ll also inspect the jet and see if it looks good.

We had some free time so we went snowshoeing for about an hour. I used my old military magnesium snowshoes again. They work well but I have a problem sometimes with my toe coming out of the bindings. I can live with it but I know there has to be a way to improve it.

I also saw that there are smaller military snowshoes that I might get. The ones I have are to large for kids and easy to become entangled. I don’t want to spend big bucks on regular ones so the smaller $40 military ones might be just the ticket. Going to have to get a set and do a comparison… but not until next year…

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