New Treasures

New Enterprise Drip-O-Lator and Cast Iron pan

I love when people clean house… I get new stuff for the cabin. My dad and his FiancĂ© are cleaning out her old camping gear. The last batch included an Enterprise Drip-O-Lator and the cast iron pan on the left. The pan wast rusty and needed seasoning so I did it and my other cast iron pans.

Drip-O-Lator disassembled

I had never seen a Drip-O-Lator before. In the photo below you can see the bottom which is what the whole thing looked like before I polished it up. 

I tried it out tonight. It works like a manual drip coffee maker. You boil water in a tea pot, put the coffee grounds in the basket and then add the boiling water to the top. I will video it sometime as I expect others have not seen one in use either.

Enterprise Drip-O-Lator Enterprise Drip-O-Lator

The Pan was in need of attention. It had rust and was bare steel in places. I used some #2 steel wool and spent about 10 minutes cleaning the pan. Next I used some crisco applied a think coating and baked it in the oven at 350 for a hour. I let it cool down and applied a second coat baking it again. Here is the result

Newly seasoned cast iron pan Markings on the bottom of the pan

 Some other things I have picked up in the last couple of weeks are a 50’s vintage coleman stove, 50’s vintage canvas tent, some lanterns, snow fencing, a roll of roofing tar paper, other frying pans, etc… Like I said I love it when people clean house… look for a video with the stove and tent in the near future.

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