No video this week…

Fixing the plumbing
Fixing the plumbing

This week I did not get a chance to do a video as I spent way to much time crawling around where I could not get enough light to do one…

We had plumbing issues… The last two years we stopped heating my father-in-laws place over the winter. This saves about $1000 in heating oil each year but we have small issues when we turn the water back on. This years issue was a small ruptured cooper pipe.

Replacing it is not a big deal but I had to crawl in 20 feet from the access. This is where losing over 90 pounds works against me. No one asks the fat guy to crawl into these types of spaces 🙂

Some other things we did was cleaned one of the chimneys. It was smoking inside overnight and I thought it might be plugged. That wasn’t the case but they did need a little cleaning. The smoke leak was probably just a loose pipe. When we put it back together we made sure it was tight.

We boiled down some more sap we had stored. This is the last bit and will probably yield about half a gallon. Our total for the year will be around 3-4 gallons.

In doing the syrup this year we went through way more firewood then normal. So we took some time and dropped some standing dead trees around the cabins and put up about 2 face cord. For next winter I want to have 10 cord total on hand.

We had to do a bit of running around as well. A relative is looking at some property not to far from us… on the drive there I saw this and needed to take some photos

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