Winter cabin visit

This is not much of an update… more of a visit with my daughter and dog. It has been a very busy coupe of weeks and I needed a little break. I do demo my new Aurora Fire Starter which worked pretty well.

We have plenty of matches at the cabin but wanted to try out the Aurora Fire Starter to start the fire. I used a cotton ball with Vaseline as a fire starter which worked well. I keep a tub of Vaseline at the cabin and home mostly for fire starting.

I also demoed the Koal Keeper Shovel I bought during hunting season (I can’t remember if I have shown this in a previous video). Before purchasing this I would go through the ash pail by hand and fish out coals to use while starting my fires. This works well for that but does kick up a little ash. I will probably go through the ash pail outside in the future and keep some coals for this in a separate pail.

I should have a little demo of the time-lapse slider I have been working on sometime later this week. Hopefully winter comes to an end soon and we can get back to work on more interesting projects.

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