I have been fighting a cold all week but could not sit around the house today. So I went down to the cabin today. Feel like I am paying for it now…

So for the cabin this week we :
• installed the larch in the loft area
• Used danish oil on the 4×6 posts (two coats so far – I figure 1 or 2 more) – Next spring I will sand down the walls and apply the same finish there also
• Started building my battery box. I should finish it next week. I will have photos then.
• First floor ceiling has now had one coat of mud applied. Might not get to much further on this this year.
• Installed some freebee carpeting in the upstairs bedroom. Thanks Rob

Some things left this year :
• Finish the upstairs walls
• Finish the battery box
• Clean up and finish painting the first floor
• Put another coat of oil on the 4×6 posts and stain other wood work upstairs
• look for a dining room set on craigslist
• Find a propane cook stove for the kitchen
• Install one more cabinet we have that we are going to use as a island
• Sand down the stairs
• Put up more firewood

Didn’t have time to turkey hunt and given that I did not feel well perhaps that is best… but we did see 10 or so turkeys at the bottom of the field (200 yards away)… these seem to be the same birds we keep on seeing in the area… Hopefully they will stay in the area. Probably 8 of them are yearlings so we are hoping they stay in the area for good.


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