Not really an update this week as I have things to take care of. I did run down real quick yesterday to drop off my craigslist dinning room set… had a really nice cabin feel to it… and only $100….

We also brought out a cabinet my father-in-law had that we are going to use as an island and some pallets I scrounged up ( if you are looking for pallets check Gander MTN – they had tons ).

While we were down there the local auction house was doing horse auctions. We stopped in a looked for a while. I have no idea how they judge horses… many look the same but the prices were very different. wish we had a space at our regular residence… would love to have a couple of horses… but I would need a draft horse to carry me around 🙂

thats probably it for this week… we are planning on going down next friday to do some target practice maybe next saturday we can get some work done…


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