We have fire!!! We got the fireplace installed and running this week… getting the stove pipe installed was a PITA… the output pipe on the stove was exactly 6 inches… Getting the 6” stove pipe in required a bit of persuasion. Some other things we did :

• built the platform for the stove
• received more lumber for the upstairs half wall and wood for the upstairs loft area walls
• routed some of the lap joints from the above lumber
• insulated the electrical room with 2” celotex – I using the extra to make a insulated battery box for next week
• split the maple we cut up last week

I also have some pictures of two of my birthday gifts. The first one is a stove top oven. And the second one is a triple kerosene light. Both were hand made by the Amish man who built our stainless steel wood stove chimney. Right now we have him making a stainless wall protector (should have photos next week).

The pictures of the buildings on stilts are from the valley near our place. We were in the area and I had always want to take a picture of them. The area floods regularly (notice the walk up outhouse :). At one place near here I have seen people park their cars at the road and canoe back to their house… glade I do not have those issues.

I am curious to how old that trailer is… looks to be very “vintage”


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