So it has been getting cold at the cabin. We already had snow once. I wasn’t there but the news was calling for 6 inches… we are supposed to get more snow tonight.

Getting ready for winter has been a priority… we put up more firewood and I started the battery box… I just need to put the top on and put the side insulation and the rest of the t&g on the side of the box.

There is a photo of the center island. I need put a back on it with the rest of the t&g we have and some sort of shelf.

The railing for the second floor has been cut. One of them is a bit warped. I am hoping we can lag it into shape.

Spent a little time turkey hunting today. Called back and forth with one for 20 minutes but could not get it to come in. I had deer come though while hunting and we saw a nice buck on Friday… Now if the deer can be here in a week I will be happy.


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