1961 International 240 Utility

So we have been looking for a new tractor to replace our Ford 8N for a while and yesterday bought our new International 240 Utility tractor… we are probably going to clean this up and when I do I’ll update this page… Here are some pics and a video

I scanned my manuals… two of them did not have copyright notices and the other was 1962 which from my research is out of copyright… If anyone finds that this is incorrect please let me know

Manuals :

Maintenance Manual
Operators Manual
Shop Manual


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  1. I’m looking at buying one of these (IH 240). Can you give me your overall impression after operating it for a while?


    1. It’s actually a nice little tractor… from our 8n to this is a noticeable step up in power. My biggest complaint is with the current three point system.

      First the width that things mount at is different then a standard cat 1 three point hitch… We have needed to get longer pins for a couple of attachments…
      Then the top link location can cause the PTO shaft to contact the frame just under it
      Using fixed with arms makes mounting attachments a bigger pain sometimes… although some people like that better (not me)
      Attachments can off the arms if you forget to set the locks… this is a user error but is really easy to forget…

      would I but it again… maybe… but I would really like to get a front end loader… this tractor would work fine with one but getting something with around 35-40 HP would be more ideal…

      In reality even if I get a loader this tractor is probably staying put… it’s ugly and I like her…

  2. I just bought a 240 this weekend and would like the manuals you have scanned.
    I was able to download and print the maintenance manual, but it keeps saying the other two are corupted (operators & shop manuals). Any way I can get those?

  3. I replaced my radiator on my IH 240 Utility.
    I am having problems getting the body back together.
    Does anyone have pics of the body assembly.

    Thanks in advance!


  4. I have an IH 340, and would be very interested in more info on the snowplow you have on your tractor. Do you know if it was custom built, or if not, what brand/model it is? Thanks!

    1. It came with the tractor… I found out on a forum its a dearborn snow plow that at sometime someone custom fitted a dearborn mount for… not sure of the exact model anymore… its all custom any fitting would require some elbow grease and engineering…

    2. Those snow blades were a dime a doz back in the day” Cub cadet made most of them or had them made for them” I am in OHio and have seen at least one a year sale at auction

  5. I to have a 240 and would love the manuals, not having any luck downloading. Thanks for scanning them, takes time, just whish I could download them. On right side of engine behind radiator hydraulic pump? Is this where you fill hydraulic oil and having no dip stick how do you know when full? Thanks!!!
    Niel at [email protected]

    1. You can see the fill here (this comes from the maintenance manual)

      Hydro touch system

      When you say you can not download them can you explain what is happening… I tested downloading them (did that to grab that screen shot above) with an un-logged in account and did not have an issue… I was brought to a page with a box in the middle that said no preview available, download… I then clicked on the download and was brought to another page where it says it was to big to virus scan and to download anyways…

      what happens when you click the link

  6. Thanks very much for spending the time to put the manuals on here. Down loaded with no problem. Now
    I just need to find a loader that will work on my IH 240. Thanks again.

  7. THANK YOU! We just got a 240 with a loader on it, and a quick google search led me to your site and the manuals. Just what we were looking for.

  8. I’m restoring 1958 ih 240. For frt end axle ass I have a new pivot pin & bushing , lower bolster is in good shape. Stay rod ball is worn but not badly. It seems like there will be a fair amount of slop forward n rearward of axle ass once reassembled. Should I replace stay rod ball if i can find one, n how much play n how is it controlled ? Any knowledge on this would be appreciated .

  9. Just bought a 59 240. I like a lot of the things you have on yours. Do you know the brand of the power steering pump?

  10. Thanks so much! In this day & age of internet free info! (HA HA HA !). These manuals make a mechanics life so much easier!


  12. Here it is, eleven years after you made this post, and I just bought a 1959 IH 240. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you for posting the manuals online. Thanks!

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