For Want of a Washer

International 240 - For the want of a washer

Anyone who follows me on the blog and FaceBook ( knows that after we finished the carb and points and though all was right with the world we ran into a snag…

Or rather got stuck on a snag… Sometime in the past the washer (1/4 thick 4 inch round washer) that holds the rear hub to the axle came off. Could have been last week, last year or five years ago… I really don’t know…

The hub worked off the axle after about a hour after we started using it. If its not one thing its another. I was not around when it happened. My father-in-law sent me a text with the images. I was a tad unhappy to say the least…

We ordered the part and picked up a new grade 5 bolt to hold it in-place… We also picked up a 54″ high lift jack.

Along with that jack we brought a floor jack, several chains, a 6k pound strap, cribbing material and some hand tools.

Here’s a time-lapse of the process… there is some trial and error here but all in all it only took a couple of hours.

Having finished much sooner then expected we also tackled rebuilding the fuel pump on the wheel horse, got it started and tested for the season… It also needed a new battery as the old one was bulging.

We are going to modify the deck on the wheel horse this year. The left front side of the deck digs into the earth to often. We are going to add an anti-scalping wheel on that side.

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