Replacing the International 240 carb

This weekend started out with just great promise… We have been having problems with the International 240 and wanted to replace the carb with a new Zenith carb. We will start there

Northern Sky at Night
Northern Sky at Night

I had the family down this weekend and while cooler then we would like it was a great weekend.

Mornings Fog in the Valley
Mornings Fog in the Valley

We started on the tractor Saturday morning and had the carburetor swapped out…

We tried to started the tractor and it was not catching. It would turn over but just would start. We hooked the battery charger up to top of the battery and that stopped working (we had a backup).

So going over the list of things that can go wrong… we new we had compression and fuel… but no spark…

I removed the distributer cap and looked at the points. One of them was almost gone so we headed off to the parts store and through some luck that had a points and condenser set.

After installing the new points the engine started but we could not control the throttle. We found that the linkage was catching. After installing and removing the carb several times we had everything working and running better then ever.

International 240 - Right Side
International 240

Then the next day this happened

International 240 - We have a problem
International 240 – We have a problem

International 240 - axle in the dirt
International 240 – axle in the dirt

Looking back over the video I see that the bolt the holds the hub on was missing that morning. We have no idea how long it was gone but now we have the wheel off and the tractor on the ground

International 240 - Left Side
International 240 – Left Side – note the missing the bolt in the rear hub

So we have a new bolt and retainer coming in. It should be fun getting it back together. I’ll end this post with a couple of happier images. Stay tuned for more International 240 “fun”

A sign of Spring
Robins nests… we have several around this year

After the Rain
After the Rain

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