End of hunting season 2013

Woods over a creek
Shot with my new GoPro Hero3

So after hemming and hawing over taking the deer I did a couple of weeks back I am glad I did. That was the last deer I saw.

The deer tend to go very nocturnal in the second half of the season and this year was no different. With few hunters in the woods getting them to move is a real challenge. The last two weeks I had not seen a deer during the day. So in the end I am happy with my harvest.

I shot a video that is mostly me walking through the woods. I picked up a GoPro Hero3 as a black friday lightening buy (they were selling out the old version with I got). There is a slightly new version the GoPro HERO3+  available. So far I am loving it. Plan to use it with my existing dSLR on future videos. I also have a mic coming in so I can work on the audio side of my videos.

In the video I used it with a XShot 2.0 Camera Extender and GoPro Tripod Mount to get the low to the ground and self shots.

I am still learning the camera and I was shooting in 2.7k 30 fps video mode for the video. I think for the lower shots 1080p @ 60 fps would have given me better results.

Over the winter I am planning on building a automated camera slider so I can do some time lapse video. So look forward to those after the new year.


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