Making butter by hand with a Dazey Butter Churn

Dazey Butter Churn
Dazey Butter Churn

We put the “new” Dazey Butter Churn to use.

To make butter  we used a quart of heavy whipping cream. Its an easy but time consuming process. Add the cream and start turning the crank.

After about a half and hour to 45 minutes of cranking you have butter but have to separate the butter milk from the butter. First pour off the excess then remove the butter from the jar into a bowl. Next start working it with spoons and add some water to wash it. You want to remove as much milk as possible as this will allow it to last longer.

Once complete salt to taste. We added about a quarter teaspoon. 

For anyone looking for a new unit this one gets decent reviews Paderno World Cuisine Fresh Butter Maker

In the future I plan to get my cream from the Amish. I’d also like to get a vintage cream separator… hunting ebay now… if I can’t find a vintage one I might go with this Cream Separator 50L/H Manual

Happy thanksgiving everyone.

2 thoughts on “Making butter by hand with a Dazey Butter Churn”

  1. Hello,
    I am a diary farmer from India. We used to prepare butter in the same way but with more laborious way. Can you prepare the same apparatus for large volume of milk. May be 50 liters capacity.
    I am interested in buying this product of 50 liters capacity.
    Preferably a moter to run in clockwise and anticlockwise manner.

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