First overnight of the year

Amish Buggies @ Auction

We spent our first night at the cabin for the year. I had been trying to get out sooner but kids and activities got in the way.

The big event was the local Amish community’s auction. The put one on every year or so to pay for medical bills… it’s always a big event… and luckily the weather held out for them.

I picked up an (A) rated rechargeable fire extinguisher for $1 so I am pretty happy. Our biggest contribution to them finically is always in food… The Amish make this cole slaw/ macaroni / potato salad…. yuummmy… I really need to find out what is in it…

The other exciting thing was finding a Snapping Turtle on the edge of the field… Check out the video for more on him… We relocated him to our reservoir and he should live a long and happy life…

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