A Peaceful visit to the cabin

a quite fire after a long day

This week I wanted to get out to the cabin a night early. The family had parties to go to so I enjoyed a rare treat, an overnight visit alone. Living in an urban area it is not often that I get to be totally alone. The silence is a like a welcomed friend and a not to frequent treat.

Peaceful night at the cabin

While there I got the ATV’s out and started for the first time of the season. We have had so much rain there has been no chance to use them yet.

View of the valley at dusk

I checked and watered the battery cells for the solar power system. They were mostly full and only required a little water. I was hoping to run an equalizing charge the next day but it was very overcast and misty. I will run one this coming weekend.

New Shed Ramp

We also finished another long standing mini project of replacing the ramp on one of our sheds. The original one was hemlock and lasted 15 years with ground contact. The pressure treated one should last at least as long. 

We removed the leveling screw from the International 240. My moms husband is working on a fix for it. It will probably not be adjustable but if it’s level I’d be happy.

255 Gallon water tanks

The last thing we did was pick up two 255 gallon water tanks. This is the start of my rain water collection system for the cabin. Stay tuned for more…


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